Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday in the park

Last Sunday we took a break from all the admin and did what most paulistanos do (well, at least the ones who haven't driven or helicoptered off to the coast for the weekend) and headed down to our local park. Parque Ibirapuera is its name and it's massive. There are a handful of museums there, and plenty of places to eat, but mostly it's about going and sitting on the grass with a picnic and a football and letting the kids run off some excess energy in the huge adventure play area.

We popped into one of the museums - all museums being free on Sundays - and had a look at some curious examples of modern art, but the constant stream of requests for food, drink, toilet, gifts and something more interesting to do forced us to abandon any thoughts of visiting any more and go to the play area instead. Here we are admiring some art...

I'm not sure, but I think the deckchairs were for sitting on rather than appreciating aesthetically.

Sadly this big empty container was part of the exhibition, not our shipment arriving from England!

David loved the play area. He ran, climbed and slid to his heart's content while James tried his best to look cool and not at all interested in stuff he was just a bit too old to play on. Here he is not really enjoying himself because he's too old, and the wind flower is not his, he was just holding it for his little brother and he would never find something so lame fun to play with in any way!

And of course no matter how much fun David is having, he can always find time to sulk about something. In this case, I think it was the fact that James was playing with his wind flower and not giving it back!

Still, despite all the complaining, it was a good trip out and we will almost certainly go back most weekends until we sort out our helicopter and set off for the beach.

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