Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here comes the rain at last

Yesterday was September 7th - Dia da Independência here in Brazil. It's now been 188 years since the guy on the horse in the famous painting said "you're not the boss of me!" to his dad and became Emperor. There was, of course, a lot more to it than that - rousing speeches, armed uprisings and that sort of thing - but it was all a long time ago and not what I want to write about. Anyway, needless to say it was a public holiday and there were, I believe, marches and processions planned including some stuff here in São Paulo. So of course it rained.

And boy, did it rain! It was gloomy and overcast when I woke up (thankfully later than my usual six o'clock thanks to the schools being shut) and then at around eight o'clock we started to get those big, slow, greasy raindrops that tell you to find somewhere with a roof pretty damned quick. And then it got heavier, and heavier, and it just forgot to stop. Except, by a happy coincidence, for about an hour over lunch while I was nipping to the shops to buy some food.

What a blessing it was. It's actually the first rain we've had since we arrived on July 17th. Literally, not a single drop has fallen in seven weeks and on top of the dryness we've been having an unseasonably hot winter with temperatures on occasion reaching over 30º. So it's great that the air is now much fresher and that terrible stench of pollution we usually wake up to is thankfully absent - at least for the moment. There's a very pleasant breeze and a fair bit of cloud today and I might even have to put on my fleece to go and collect the kids from school. Oh, hang on... the sun's just come out. Perhaps not.

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