Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Interlude

A week of school holidays preceded by a week of David being ill and Helen being away has left me exhausted and somewhat lacking in blog motivation, so I thought it was a good opportunity to give you another photo collection...
It's so fertile out here, you leave a bit of water in a jug overnight and this is what you come down to in the morning.
Butterfly racing is so big over here they've started breeding them with their own numbers on. Sadly mine failed to get off the starting blocks.
Na boca, não na orelha, estrangeiro estúpido!
Young scientists having fun with the old bicarbonate of soda and vinegar trick. Rather worryingly though, James does look as though he's considering using it to wash down his sandwich.
"No really, guys. They won't let me into the Red Hot Chili Peppers without a few tattoos."
The intrepid journalist, out and about on the hunt for a story.
A typical dinner in our household - nothing but witty banter from start to finish. Although on the plus side, we never have to tell our boys not to talk with their mouths full.
And the cut and thrust of intellectual debate continues long into the evening.
Note to self: roast them first!
"Ah, this is the life. Now if only someone would bring me a drink and some snacks."
"Ah, this is the life. Now if only someone would bring me an iPad and some shade."
Easter just wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt in the jungle...
...or an egg the size of your head.
"I think...I might...have had enough..."

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